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We Love to Curl!

And we think a lot of others will too…

Curling is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States today. It is one of those sports that looks easy until you try it and realize how much strategy is really involved, and how aerobic it is running up and down the ice.

A dedicated curling facility means consistent ice, and this kind of playing surface means you can take your skills to the next level more easily and more reliably.

The idea for a facility like this in Waterloo came from a desire to add world-class sporting facilities to the growing downtown area of Waterloo. It started as a grass-roots effort, and has grown to have the backing of the city and a growing segment of the population.

We’re excited to be bring this dream to life, and we hope you’ll take advantage of everything this facility will have to offer and learn to curl!

Our Objectives:

  • To have a dedicated Curling facility in downtown Waterloo with 4 or 6 sheets of ice.
  • Be the curling training center for the State of Iowa and the surrounding states.
  • Have curling leagues 6 or 7 nights a week.
  • Develop a high school curling league.
  • Develop a junior curling program.
  • Develop a college league (UNI, Hawkeye, Wartburg)